Lab Grown Diamonds


      Laboratory diamond - a synthetic cheaper alternative

      What are lab grown diamonds ?

      Laboratory diamonds are man-made diamonds and are created in a laboratory where they mimic the same conditions as in nature.

      Laboratory diamonds have the same chemical structure and properties as natural diamonds. The diamond's superior hardness and durability is the same for both and only a special ultraviolet light tester can tell them apart. Even an experienced expert cannot tell the difference between a laboratory diamond and a natural diamond without special equipment.

      Why are lab grown diamonds cheaper than natural diamonds ?

      Synthetic diamonds are cheaper because they are more efficient to produce artificially and do not require as many resources as finding the equivalent natural diamond. Laboratory diamonds can therefore also be considered an ecological and ethical alternative.

      How are lab diamonds classified ?

      The quality and colour grading is the same for all diamonds whether it is created naturally or by man. All Festive jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity stating the quality and origin of the diamond selected.

      A laboratory diamond is a good option if you want a diamond that looks good and is less expensive.