Privacy policy

Customer data privacy policy

This is a company of the personal data act (sections 10 and 24) and the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) under the registry and the data protection leaflet. Compilation date 19.4.2018.

The controller

Kultasepät Narsakka Oy
Business id: FI 1522810-4
Address: Saaristenkatu 6, Hämeenlinna
Phone number: 010 2390 490

Register person in charge

Thomas Narsakka
010 2390 491

The name of the register

Kultasepät Narsakka Oy Festive-the online shop customer register

The registrar of the criteria

The person is stored in the registry, if he is registered with the Festive online store as a regular customer or bought products from our website. In addition, the registry contains the newsletter from our website subscribed to persons.

Where personal information is used?

Personal information is used

  • Customer relationship maintaining
  • Delivery of products and services to customers as well as those for data archiving
  • Services required by the contacting of the enabling
  • Easy to use and safe to provide the service
  • Online store experience to improve
  • More personalized targeted content and marketing production
  • Abuse prevention
  • Analytics and statistical purposes.

The information is processed the customer and Festive-the online shop between the customer relationship, the agreement, your use of the site, the client separate, explicit consent or legislative obligations.

What personal information can be collected?

The user's self-entered information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • The phone number
  • The subscription payment method
  • Subscription shipping method
  • Payment information
  • The person id of the customer to identify the credit agreement
  • Information on the marketing authorisations and prohibitions

Service for the use of the observations obtained and the analytics derived from the data:

  • IP address
  • Use of e-commerce as well as browsing data
  • The terminal identification information
  • Order history
  • Delivery information, such as the selected delivery method and delivery address
  • Product reviews

Identification, contact and payment information are necessary for purchase Festive.en-online store.

The registry of standard data sources

Customer self-reported information by you and made by orders in the online store.

Processing of personal data the personal data act, to the extent permitted and required by law.


The controller of the website may be collected page users ' behavioral data (browser, geographical location, IP address, visit time on the site, pages viewed) cookies and other similar technologies. The user can prevent the use of cookies by denying what they want cookies in their browser settings. Cookies are used for site improvement and overall statistics collection as well as the customer experience better. For more information on how Google Analytics handles your personal information, is here.

Data protection, storage and handling

All stored personal data is protected against unauthorised access and against all unlawful forms of processing. The registry is maintained in closed electric in information systems, with appropriate security and access control systems.

Registry use is controlled and there is access to only appropriate personnel in their duties to fulfill. Users identified by user id and password.

The data will be kept for as long as it is business justified. The user has the right to request that their information be removed from the register, cf. Rights of the data subject.

Data transfer in the EU and outside the EEA: Data will not be disclosed.

The transfer of data to third parties

Registry information will not under any circumstances be sold to third parties.

Some disclosure of information to third parties is necessary to the payment and delivery process to implement. For example, delivery ensure requires address information to the Mail or mobile service. Online banking and credit card payments as an intermediary in our online store works with Paytrail. Paytrail collect a payment transaction context, IP address, payment method and payment date. If you want to pay by Klarna Invoice or included in the package, credit decision requires your personal data for the extradition Klarnalle

Customer information may be use to analysis, marketing and personalization of my purpose together with third parties who undertake to deal with information confidentially. For these purposes the information used is always, where possible, anonymised or pseudonymisoitu.

Customer information may be disclosed to the authority of a valid law within the limits of the.

The customer's rights

As a customer you have the right to:

  • To get access to you regarding the personal data and the right to receive a copy of you on your personal data
  • Ask for your personal information, correction and deletion from our system
  • Under certain conditions, to request the processing to restrict or oppose the processing of personal data

You can make a request regarding your rights as our customer service address The request must be clearly and adequately identified to customer service we can identify you and verify your identity. If we cannot fully implement your request, we will inform you without delay. Such a situation can be, for example, when we have a statutory duty or legal data retention. Such reasons include. accounting reasons.

Privacy policy modification

We reserve the right to change the privacy statement we. Modification can be relevant for example when legislation changes or service we develop. If the privacy policy changes significantly, we will inform our customers by e-mail.

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