Team Festive.

Our Festive jewelry team consists of both experienced professionals who have worked in the goldsmith for decades and fresh, passionate craftsmen of the younger generation who have just entered the industry.

Thomas Narsakka


"It has been a privilege to learn from our own father and grandfather - such knowledge and skills are not available anywhere else, not from books or schools. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family provided the best possible lunch to pilot our current company. I graduated as a goldsmith in 1999 from the Design Institute of Lahti University of Applied Sciences, my work in the company with an apprenticeship began in 1993. As the middle of three brothers and strong developer, it was natural that in 2010, in connection with the change of generation, the traction of the company was transferred to me.

I have always been interested in challenging myself and my employees to do things better, to develop their work. That is why every day we strive to develop working methods and bring in technology that enables it.

It has been an advantage to hire several graduate goldsmiths and teach them the skill of working with diamond jewelry as well as see our company grow.

I'm really proud of the whole people, our magnificent team, who put themselves on a daily basis 100 percent to the game in order to manufacture beautiful, durable and high-quality jewelry to you. "

Johanna Narsakka

CFO, Human Resources Manager

"In 2013, I moved to an experimental basis a family-owned business, the strap and continue on this road I am. 20 year career in the state civil service job in customer service duties changed personnel and financial management work.

Mico Narsakka

GOLDSMITH, contract manager

"I started working as a goldsmith in my father's workshop as soon as I graduated from school in 1988. I wanted to continue the traditional profession in my family and my precise, relentless nature suits well with this target. Today, my area of responsibility at the company focuses specifically on custom-made rings, and it may be that a few hundred weddings have been saved with these rings. "

Toni Hurme


""I never dreamed of becoming a goldsmith. By chance, however, I ended up in Osmo Narsaka's goldsmith's school right after primary school. I spent 15 years in Narsakka`s goldsmith's workshop, after which I worked as an entrepreneur for 10 years. From the beginning of 2021, I started working again as a goldsmith in the Narsakka company. The most rewarding thing in goldsmithing is the making of custom work and unique jewelery using traditional goldsmithing methods.

Mikael Yli-Huhtala


“My employment with Narsaka began in the fall of 2000 with an apprenticeship alongside three years of artisan training.

In addition to the goldsmith's work, my job description includes casting Festive jewelry. The most rewarding thing in my job is to turn gold from molten material into a casting blank, and after processing it, to see the end result as a finished product. "

Elias Narsakka

GOLDSMITH, jewelry modeling

"Ever since childhood I´ve had an interest to work with hands, so the choice to move to my fathers doctrine to continue our family`s four generations hereditary profession was immediately clear.

I started working as a goldsmith with an apprenticeship at Goldsmiths in Narsaka in 2018 and graduated as a goldsmith in the spring of 2020 from Lahti Training Center Salpaus.

Here in Hämeenlinna, I can learn from the best and most experienced goldsmiths in the field, and you will notice it in my own hands. I am particularly excited about how modern technology can be utilized in the traditional handicraft profession, such as the design and manufacturing. "

Janika Tapper-Kallinen

GOLDSMITH, sales and customer service

"Even since childhood, I have loved the crafts and it is strongly influenced my choice of future profession. I first studied a carpenter, but I wanted to expand my skills yet to goldsmith profession, as metalwork and precious stones have always fascinated me.

I have a work experience abroad, as well as the widely Finland's most jewelers verstailta, but now I've found my home here in Goldsmiths Narsakka, which works strictly domestic top experts in the field.

In the work of a jeweler, it is important to me that I can express myself and use my creativity. I also like customer service because it allows me to interact with people and make their dreams come true. "

Eetu Takanen

GOLDSMITH, engraver

"Making by hand has always been a part of my life. My interest in the field of goldsmithing and creative work made me apply to the craft profession. I graduated in 2014 as an artisan in the field of goldsmithing, after which I expanded my professionalism to the side of carving.

Towards the end of the training, I applied to Goldsmiths Narsakka for an internship, which also opened the doors to a permanent job. Working here I have been able to learn from the best of the industry, which is also reflected in my handiwork. "

Jenni Lehto


“Making by hand has always fascinated me and that’s why I wanted a profession in the craft industry for myself.

I was very interested in training as a goldsmith and fortunately I got a place to study at my first try. After graduating in 2008, in January I got to work to Goldsmiths Narsakka, and I am still.

It is inspiring to have on hand a beautiful piece of jewelry that is of great importance to its wearer, such as a wedding ring. I enjoy seeing the result of his work concretely after every working day. In this job, he always learns new things and is able to develop himself, especially when he gets to work with goldsmiths with decades of experience and solid professionalism. ”

Marko Osala

GOLDMITH, designer

"I graduated as a goldsmith and designer from the Lahti Design Institute in 2001. After graduating, I worked as an entrepreneur for more than ten years.

At Goldsmiths Narsakka i started working in the fall of 2016. My job description includes traditional goldsmithing, design and 3D modeling. In my work I am particularly proud of the fact that I can design and manufacture a product in which even the smallest detail has been carefully thought out. "

Annika Takanen


"The interest in jewelery and product design broke out during high school. After graduating from the Kuopio Academy of Design in 2012, I had already decided that I want to continue my studies at the jeweler industry. I graduated as a goldsmith in the spring of 2014. After graduating I started working in Goldsmiths Narsakka in Hämeenlinna.

Ever since childhood I´ve had an interest to art`s. Abstract art has influenced both my paintings and my jewelry design. In addition to drawing, oil painting has always been close to my heart. My artistry is therefore also reflected in the jewelry I design. Standing out in my own design language and creating something new, unprecedented has always been important to me.

The best moments in my work are when I see my own handprint developed and I realize that I can implement the most challenging products possible. Our own design insights and successes also sustain the goldmith's passion for work. "

Janina Pöysti

SALES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE, product specialist

"The goldsmith's workshop became a familiar place to me as a little girl when I followed my granfather, father and uncle at work. Therefore, Goldsmiths Narsakka was a rather natural choice for the workplace of the future, as interest in the jewelry industry had arisen as a child.

I've been working here now for several years, mainly in sales and customer service positions. It’s awesome to get to follow the goldsmiths in their work and see how they use their innovation to make the jewelry of their dreams for customers. The best thing about my job is the moment when the customer first sees the jewelry made for him and I see happiness and satisfaction shining in his eyes. "

Heini Kylä

SALES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE, production designer

“I worked in a family business with household appliances for about 20 years, until I missed a little variation in my life and joined Goldsmiths Narsakka.

The new job will I have found to have been lost for internal "jewel magpie". You probably never get tired of the sparkle and splendor of the jewelery industry, you seem to find new things every day. My main job here is sales and customer service. I especially enjoy meeting customers and seeing how happy our beautiful jewelry can make them. ”

Naomi Nurminen


"My father's footsteps, I noticed my interest in diamonds and beautiful jewelery. I am my father's way, uncompromising quality and that is why I am by nature suitable for the sector. In this work every day to learn many new things and that is what makes this interesting. My goal is to one day still to be completed gemology.

I am responsible for the visibility of our company on social media. "