Halo rings



      Halo rings get their name from the optical phenomenon of nature that arises when the light of the sun or moon is refracted or reflected from ice crystals floating in the air. This magnificent phenomenon creates a dazzlingly beautiful perimeter or arc in the sky.

      In a halo ring, a larger diamond or other gemstone in the center of the ring is surrounded by smaller diamonds in the ring to illuminate and accentuate the magnificent sparkle of the middle stone. Halo rings are known to have been used in Europe as early as the 18th century.

      Today, the halo ring is a popular wedding ring in European and Scandinavian ring culture because it is usually an eye-catching ring and easy to combine with a stoneless engagement ring or row ring side by side.

      Festive halo rings come in a number of different options, from slimmer options to more eye-catching designs. All halo rings in the Festive collection are designed and manufactured so that if desired, another ring can be made to sit beautifully next to the halo ring. Compatible rings can be found, for example, in a row ring, eternity ring or stoneless engagement ring collections.

      The material of our rings is available in 9, 14, 18 carat white gold, yellow gold and red gold or alternatively platinum (950). There are also several diamond grades to choose from. In the center of the diamond ring is either a diamond or other gemstone such as sapphire, garnet, morganite or aquamarine.

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