Four generation of jewelry making.

Since 1947

The roots of Festive jewelry go back to the 1940s, when the young Helge Narsakka got an apprenticeship in Helsinki at Tillander's goldsmith's workshop. From this began the fire for handicrafts, and especially the passion for the profession of goldsmith. Helge began passing this traditional profession from father to son when he taught the profession of goldsmith to his two sons, Osmo and Timo. Today, Helge’s three grandsons and one grand grandson continue that traditional jewelery knowledge and skill that has been refined over decades. All in all Kultasepät Narsakka Oy's goldsmith's workshop currently employs ten goldsmiths. All the experience of past generations from the traditional work of a goldsmith, combined with the modern vision and technical know-how of new generations, produces a wonderful result. A piece of jewelry that lasts from one generation to the next.

"Its been a privilege to learn from my father and grandfather; such knowledge and skill cannot be obtained anywhere else, not from books or schools."

Thomas Narsakka