How to find the perfect ring?

Many ponder how to find the perfect ring; the kind that can withstand time, withstand use, and is beautiful to look at. Because engagement rings and wedding rings lasts forever, we encourage you to use sufficient time in order to find such a ring that makes you happy the rest of your life! Here are the following few facts, which you can take into consideration when selecting your perfect ring:



Finnish handicrafts. This is an important selection criterion for many, because it means accountability and sustainable solutions, as well as ”near-produced service.” For example, the Festive-jewelry is manufactured in Finland, in Hämeenlinna in our goldsmith's workshop, and all our products are marked with the Finnish key flag symbol.




Design of the ring. The ring designs are countless, and it's therefore good to think about for example, do I wear the ring on a daily basis, does my work effect on what kind of ring can I use, what kind of ring do I like – simple and modern or flashy, or do I prefer nature-inspired?



Materials. The most popular material for rings is currently 14 carat white gold. For example, in 18 carat ring the gold content is higher, so it is cleaner, but the material is a little softer. For the most thinnest bands we recommend, therefore 14 carats, so the ring can withstand daily use better. If you want the so called ”maintenance-free” ring, we propose as material platinum, then the ring retains its color forever.


Diamonds. Diamonds are a symbol of eternity, and therefore fit perfectly to the ring. Diamonds are a valuable part of the ring and we give the opportunity to choose diamonds of several different quality. For more information about diamonds you can get from our website at this link or from our professionals through Chat.

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Match your engagement ring and wedding ring. If you still don't have an engagement ring, think about how they match with your wedding ring. The most popular wedding rings are halo rings which are structured such way that an engagement ring makes a beautiful complement for it.

If you can't find your desired model, our goldsmiths make a very own unique ring to you.


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