Wedding ring - thoughs and trends for 2022

Over the past couple of years, thousands of couples have had to make special arrangements or postpone their weddings because of interest rate restrictions. But this has not stopped determined couples and their wedding planning. It has been a joy to see that through a challenging pandemic period, one truth has been confirmed: nothing stops the power of love. We will, come what may !

As ring makers and suppliers, we too have strived to meet the demands of the times with flexibility and respect for the safety of our customers. Ordering a wedding ring online has been one valuable additional channel in a time of constraints, allowing wedding couples and other jewellery buyers to order safely and securely. To our delight, the fact that a precious token of an important joint decision must sparkle on your finger on your wedding day remains an important tick in your wedding plans.

What is popular or trendy is constantly changing. There may not be as big or as rapid a change in wedding ring trends as in many other style-related things, but there are certainly new winds blowing through the wedding ring world. Of course, a person's personality determines how actively someone follows changing fashions and trends. Often timelessness, classicism and especially practicality can be the most important criteria when choosing a ring. Increasingly, however, a wedding ring is expected to have a story and personality. Something that reflects the wearer, whether through story, the colour scheme of the materials or the language of form. Perhaps through more recent generations, the courage to choose something out of the ordinary has also grown in the choice of engagement and wedding rings. What remains unchanged, however, is that the engagement and wedding ring still has great symbolic value and meaning for its wearer. After all, it represents the common bond between two people, an everlasting love. That is why people want to take the time to choose a wedding ring, so that the choice is worthy and pleasing to the eye day after day, year after year, decade after decade.

Based on our own Festive collection and our customer experience, I would like to highlight a few of the most popular trends or criteria in wedding ring selection that are relevant to today's ring buyer.

Nature-inspired design

During 2021-2022, the design language inspired by natural forms and phenomena has become particularly popular in engagement and wedding rings. In the varied forms and phenomena of nature, it is easy for jewellery designers to see the symbolism of people and life. From delicate or delicate flower petals to jagged rocks or rugged permafrost. Your imagination is still free to play with the shapes and the stories behind the jewellery. Even a touch of your own personality or the symbolism of a shared love gives the ring an even deeper meaning. The idea that the bride and groom will find a ring with the same theme often warms the heart of the bride and groom. A good example of this is the Festive collection Routa rings, where both wedding and engagement rings for both men and women are available from the same range. With the idea of a common love, a common ring. Other nature-themed ring families in the Festive collection include Peruskallio, Rautapuu and Kelopuu, which also include a ring for both the bride and groom.

Routa tuoteperheen sormuksia

The Routa collection includes rings, pendants and earrings inspired by northern nature.

Colour your life

The bold use of coloured gemstones has brought a breath of fresh air to wedding rings. Colours can also be used in jewellery to enhance your personality and personality traits in a stunning way. In particular, rings that combine different shades of a particular colour, often with bright diamonds, have become more popular. The Festive collection includes several rings decorated with coloured stones and diamonds. These include the Natasha, Nelly, Nadja and Drop rings with blue and red or pink coloured stones. These models feature blue-coloured gemstones such as blue sapphires, topazes and aquamarines, and red-coloured gemstones such as blue sapphires, topazes and aquamarines. rubies and tourmalines and in lighter shades of red, sapphires, morganites and tourmalines. Coloured gemstones are also often used, for example, in the centre of halo rings, where they create a beautiful contrast around a brilliant diamond ring. This also makes the price of a showy ring cheaper when the diamond is replaced by, for example, pink morganite.

Nelly värikivisormus

Nelly- ring with diamonds, blue sapphires and topazes.

Vintage - timeless and elegant

One of the most popular wedding ring styles of the moment has been for some time now the so-called Vintage style rings which exude the detailed, delicate and feminine design language of the past. Indeed, vintage style rings are characterised by lace and ornate detailing and classic, elegant design. The chrysanthemum-cut lace border around the diamond beautifully complements the brilliance of the diamonds set into the ring.. Inspired by a mother, grandmother or great-grandmother's jewellery box, they create a warm traditional feel to the rings, spiced up with today's modern finishes. The Vintage range of the Festive collection offers a wide variety of options, from the dainty and affordable to the truly spectacular. Most of the rings in the Vintage collection are also easy to pair thanks to their common design language. There are also several options decorated with a combination of coloured gemstones and diamonds. The most recent is

Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2021 candidate Rosette ring, which features a stunning bevel-cut morganite and diamonds "as a sign of eternal love". From a jeweller's point of view, the traditionalism of the Vintage collection is also felt in the making of the ring. When it comes to finishing the intricate details of the ring, the jeweller's craftsmanship is sometimes challenged. Anyone who works with their hands knows that this is what fuels a goldsmith's love of jewellery making. A successful result, a classically beautiful piece of jewellery, always brings a big smile to the jeweller's face.

Rosette vintage sormus

Vintage Rosette ring. Design Thomas Narsakka

Responsibility, ecology and ethics

These are all important values today when it comes to the different products marketed to consumers. There is a lot of emotional value attached to jewellery, so it is only natural that in engagement and wedding rings these values should be fulfilled as much as possible.

Based on our customer experience, more and more value is being placed on the responsible production of engagement and wedding rings. Part of the beauty of a piece of jewellery is its entire journey from natural raw material to finished jewellery. What happens on this journey is what matters to most ring buyers and wearers. Just the external sparkle is not enough. This is also what we as Festive Ring Makers have tried to address. We at the jewellery manufacturer hIn our work, we take into account environmental legislation and ethical and moral considerations, whether it is the origin of materials, the well-being of workers, the manufacturing process or the disposal of waste. One shining example of this is the fact that all the materials used in Festive jewellery gold used in Festive Festive is 100% recycled gold. In other words, the gold used in our jewellery is refined and recycled gold, either from our own or our partners' scrap gold recycling or from gold waste recovered from our own manufacturing process.

Another important and often the most valuable part of wedding and engagement rings are diamonds. The reputation of symbols of eternal love has been tarnished by the fact that diamonds on the market have included diamonds dug up from war zones and sold to finance war or rebellion. The thought of such a diamond adorning a wedding ring is particularly unpleasant. That's why for us jewellers it is particularly important that our diamond suppliers have a written guarantee that the diamonds used in our jewellery are will not be tainted by criminal activity. This is facilitated by the Kimberley Process, established in 2003. Finland is part of the Kimberley Process as part of the EU. an international treaty aimed at preventing the trade in diamonds exported from conflict zones, which are often used to finance armed groups. Countries participating in the Kimberley certification process are responsible for 99.8% of all rough diamond production.

Let's not forget the ecologically friendly fact that it is a high-quality, professionally and responsibly made wedding ring that will last and retain its value for decades. At its best, it will last from one generation to the next. That is why it is definitely an ecological act to invest in quality when buying an engagement or wedding ring. This is the starting point and the goal of everything we do as a jewellery manufacturer. Quality and sustainability.

Domesticity is valued

For more and more people, the fact that a ring must be made in Finland has become an important criterion. Finnish goldsmithing has a long tradition and goldsmithing is known for its high quality. Often, the design of domestic rings is a little stronger and sturdier than that of many foreign ring manufacturers. It is important for a ring to last a lifetime, and this is often the need that quality domestic jewellery meets.

For many brides, buying a ring is often the most important and valuable purchase when getting married. This is certainly why the fact that more and more people looking for an engagement or wedding ring are able to interact with a domestic ring manufacturer's own expert or goldsmith through various presentation days and wedding receptions certainly has an impact. At these, the wedding ring seeker gets face-to-face advice on the best choice of ring. Delivery times are often shorter and more flexible for domestic jewellery. Most Festive jewellery is available online or through retailers in 1-2 days at best. Cancellation, return or exchange of rings is generally always clearer for domestic products, even if the ring size is not correct.

All Festive jewellery is made in Finland at our goldsmith's workshop in Hämeenlinna. Background of Festive jewellery has been passed down from father to son in our family from generation to generation, now in its fourth generation since 1947. We are delighted that the growing appreciation for the art of domestic goldsmithing will enable this noble craft to continue to be passed down and refined for generations to come. Thank you.

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