How can I measure ring size at home?

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Measuring with a ruler

If you can find a ring in your home that is the right size, you can measure the diameter of the ring with a ruler, for example. The unit of measure used in Finland is the diameter of the ring in millimeters. The ring in the picture is size 19 mm.

Caliper measurement

If you have a caliper, you can measure very accurately the millimeter of the inner diameter of the ring.

Diameter=Ring size

The inner diameter of the ring, for example, 16.75 mm = the size of the ring 16.75.

Circumference with tape

If you do not have a suitably sized ring, you can cut a strip of paper or tape about 3-4 mm wide. Wrap this paper very tightly around your fingers and mark the circumference with a pen. It is important that the paper or tape is very tight around the finger.

Measure the circumference

Measure the length of tape or paper in millimeters from the start line drawn on the pen to the end line. The measurement result in the picture is 55mm.

Dimension table

See table for perimeter equivalence

If you have questions about measuring finger size, you can contact customer service via chat or email.

What if the ring I ordered from the online store is not the right size?

No worries, because all rings ordered from the online store include the right to resize within 14 days of the order date free of charge. Please always contact our customer service first if the product delivered to you is the wrong size and you would like to change it to the right size.