Proudly domestic

Friday 1.12.2023 is the Buy a Job to Finland theme day.

The aim of the national day is to make Finns pay attention to their consumption choices. Where and what we buy and how responsible choices matter.

Festive diamond jewellery is backed by an authentic 100% Finnish family business, Kultasepät Narsakka Oy. This family-owned company also employs several people outside the family, both in the office and in production, for a total of 15 people. All Festive jewellery is made in Finland at the goldsmiths' workshop in Hämeenlinna.

Our skilled goldsmiths make each Festive jewel to the wishes of the future wearer, based on orders. Each piece is unique, important and creates work for our staff.

Suomalaista Kultasepän työtä

Our choice of home-grown products often has a greater impact on those around us than we realise. It is gratifying that the employability of a product or service will increasingly influence our purchasing decisions in the future!

We proudly carry the Finnish Work Federation's Key Flag and Design from Finland recognition as a testament to Finnish expertise and manufacturing.

Especially now we want to encourage you to favour Finnish craftsmanship that is sustainable in every way. By choosing an engagement and wedding ring from the Finnish Festive collection, you support work in Finland.

Thank you for responsibly choosing a domestic Festive product.

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